Since I read about Google’s Chrome I can’t help but think, would Google’s V8 Javascript VM be a better choice for implementing dynamic languages like Ruby than the JVM ?

Some links for high level details,M1 this comic book goes into details about how they developed it and tested it and technical details about the new browser.


The Big 31

Sorry for not writing, lately I have been caught up in my head.

This past Jan 26 I have turned 31 years old, Jan 26th is also the republic day of India, while growing up this day was a guaranteed holiday :-). But what really made the day special was my Dad, he would spend a lot of time with me on this day, buy me presents and always be nice to me. It was probably the one day out of the whole year when he gave me a break, rest of the time he was a drill Sargent riding me.

He passed away four years ago, birthdays have never been the same since it’s just sad now. There are so many times I wish I had more time with him.


My ‘InBox Zero’ Way

I am sure you have already heard about Inbox Zero by Merlin Mann, I love it and have modified to to fit my own needs. My process is very simple I classify all the emails I get into two categories,

  1. Ones that I need to process and delete which is a very broad category and,
  2. Ones that I need to backup which is a very narrow one.

Most of the emails once I process them, I delete them and by that I mean not just sending it to the trash box but emptying it out of my trash as well. Many people inadvertently turn there trash box into a mini backup folder. Which is really bad, if you have something to backup, well back it up, trash is well just trash and just as we do not pileup trash in our homes, we should not pileup trash in our mailboxes either. Also I process my email about once in an hour or when ever I remember to do it, keeping my mail open all the time is extremely distracting and I got better things to do than constantly processing my mail like a rat running in a wheel cage.

Second category of mails are the ones that I backup, I have a gmail account that I use specifically to do this, I have not found any other tool better capable of searching emails than gmail. What kind of emails do I backup ? only the ones that I have read and know I will need to refer back to it sometime in the future, like an explanation to some query. (Please don’t confuse this with an explain plan to a sql query :-)). An email has be of a lot of value to me in-order for it to go to backup. Think of your backup as a very precious resource. Clutter is your worst enemy even when it comes to email.

And that’s about it, armed with my system I have conqured my inbox, how about you ? What do you use ?


Some Interesting Articles

It is Saturday and I am just browsing and catching up on my feeds, came across some interesting articles.

Defining Success is an interesting article on IT projects, talks about how IT project success rate is really not as bad as what The Chaos Report makes it out to be. Here is an interesting quote from the article “It appears that project managers are more interested in delivering on time and on budget than delivering when the system is ready.laughing

Shared Mutable Memory Must Die, in another interesting article talks about problems with multi core cpu and programming languages, here is an interesting quote “Hopefully, if this trend continues, we shall find that certain warts of the computing industry, such as C, disappear from general use, appearing only in the most specific and suitable corners. Maybe even C++ and Object Orientation in general all but disappear as the assumptions of computing on which they are built become ever slower and unwieldy to maintain.

Comparing JVM Web Frameworks, now this article came as a shock to me , did not know flex was so popular!

In other news I have started using google reader, it has vastly improved in performance since I last used it about a year ago, it is now almost as good as desktop (LifeArea) feed reader that I use , few months ago it had crashed and since I was stupid enough not to backup my opml file, I had to setup my feeds all over again and since then I am thinking about moving to a web based feed reader. My main objection to using a web based reader was it was just not as fast as a traditional desktop app but things are changing.


YAY I finally got OtpErlang.jar

It’s the small things in life that make you happy !! As you know I have Ubuntu 7.10 and I installed erlang using ‘apt-get install erlang’. Unfortunately this style will not install Jinterface libraries. So the only way we can get it is by actually downloading the erlang source and building it yourself.

  1. Download the source from here
  2. Make sure you have all these libraries installed (use apt-get install ) # gcc
    libssl-dev, m4, libncurses5-dev, g++, openssl, gcc, java-gcj-compat, java-gcj-compat-dev, make, unixodbc-dev
  3. Make sure you have Java installed and have the JAVA_HOME variable set up in your profile.
  4. Do a ‘./configure’ followed by a ‘make’ and ‘sudo make install’

Many thanks to the following 2 links
Ethical Hacker

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Busy Busy Busy

It has been two months since I touched my blog, I apologize for that its been really busy. First there was the trip to India which was really nice, it seems like every time I go to India the traffic on the streets have increased. With the exponential increase in the number of banks that want to give loans the number of cars have increased but the streets have not kept pace with it.

During my vacation I discovered Vince Flynn, he is a real good writer can’t put down the books once you start reading. He also has a website that you can go to. So far he has written nine books of which I have read six and plan to read the rest. His books are all about the CIA and CIA super agent “Mitch Rapp”, they are real page turners.

Also upgraded my Ubuntu install to the latest version (7.10) it felt sluggish at first but after turning off beagle it seems to be doing much better. Really impressed with tracker search and with the new Broadcom drivers my wireless card seems have better signal strength. I had to turn off all the desktop effects cause it still gives me problems with some applications like SqlDeveloper (the window does not seem to refresh), but overall. the upgrade went very smooth which was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Also started reading “Programming Erlang“, a very interesting programming language. I strongly believe in “using the right tool for the job” which in my world translates to “using the right programming language for the project”. It does not matter if it is a small or a big project using the right tool makes all the difference, which is why I try to keep learning new languages.

So as you can see I have been real busy but now that things are settling down I hope to be more regular in updating my blog.