Some Interesting Articles

It is Saturday and I am just browsing and catching up on my feeds, came across some interesting articles.

Defining Success is an interesting article on IT projects, talks about how IT project success rate is really not as bad as what The Chaos Report makes it out to be. Here is an interesting quote from the article “It appears that project managers are more interested in delivering on time and on budget than delivering when the system is ready.laughing

Shared Mutable Memory Must Die, in another interesting article talks about problems with multi core cpu and programming languages, here is an interesting quote “Hopefully, if this trend continues, we shall find that certain warts of the computing industry, such as C, disappear from general use, appearing only in the most specific and suitable corners. Maybe even C++ and Object Orientation in general all but disappear as the assumptions of computing on which they are built become ever slower and unwieldy to maintain.

Comparing JVM Web Frameworks, now this article came as a shock to me , did not know flex was so popular!

In other news I have started using google reader, it has vastly improved in performance since I last used it about a year ago, it is now almost as good as desktop (LifeArea) feed reader that I use , few months ago it had crashed and since I was stupid enough not to backup my opml file, I had to setup my feeds all over again and since then I am thinking about moving to a web based feed reader. My main objection to using a web based reader was it was just not as fast as a traditional desktop app but things are changing.

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