The Big 31

Sorry for not writing, lately I have been caught up in my head.

This past Jan 26 I have turned 31 years old, Jan 26th is also the republic day of India, while growing up this day was a guaranteed holiday :-). But what really made the day special was my Dad, he would spend a lot of time with me on this day, buy me presents and always be nice to me. It was probably the one day out of the whole year when he gave me a break, rest of the time he was a drill Sargent riding me.

He passed away four years ago, birthdays have never been the same since it’s just sad now. There are so many times I wish I had more time with him.

2 thoughts on “The Big 31

  1. belatedly , a happy birthday to you,
    and I know father is godd man,and caring man
    I still remember him,I hope you
    emulate him in life to grow bigger and stronger.

    and good luck for ruby conference.

  2. yea, I can relate to the loss of a parent. My mom passed away Nov. 20, 2004. She was my shopping partner and sewing buddy. I still miss her everyday! This mother’s day was a hard one.

    take care

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