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It has been two months since I touched my blog, I apologize for that its been really busy. First there was the trip to India which was really nice, it seems like every time I go to India the traffic on the streets have increased. With the exponential increase in the number of banks that want to give loans the number of cars have increased but the streets have not kept pace with it.

During my vacation I discovered Vince Flynn, he is a real good writer can’t put down the books once you start reading. He also has a website that you can go to. So far he has written nine books of which I have read six and plan to read the rest. His books are all about the CIA and CIA super agent “Mitch Rapp”, they are real page turners.

Also upgraded my Ubuntu install to the latest version (7.10) it felt sluggish at first but after turning off beagle it seems to be doing much better. Really impressed with tracker search and with the new Broadcom drivers my wireless card seems have better signal strength. I had to turn off all the desktop effects cause it still gives me problems with some applications like SqlDeveloper (the window does not seem to refresh), but overall. the upgrade went very smooth which was a pleasant and welcome surprise.

Also started reading “Programming Erlang“, a very interesting programming language. I strongly believe in “using the right tool for the job” which in my world translates to “using the right programming language for the project”. It does not matter if it is a small or a big project using the right tool makes all the difference, which is why I try to keep learning new languages.

So as you can see I have been real busy but now that things are settling down I hope to be more regular in updating my blog.

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