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TWIKI sucks: plain and simple, the end. I have had to endure it for the past 17 months and cannot find a damn thing one it plus editing sucks. A colleague finally decided to install a search/index engine on a separate box. I guess I got spoiled using Confluence in my last job, it was the best.

Respect my authoritah: It is imperative to have a decision making authority in every meeting (and not a quiet one either, but someone who will put his foot down) or the discussions never stop. This goes double for email discussions, sometimes I wonder how people can get anything done if they spend all their time in typing up long emails (and yes I have written my fair share of long emails too). Anyway here is a great quote from the book ‘The Mythical Man Month’ – “We finally decided to implement the language unchanged and unimproved for the debates about the language would have taken all our effort“.

Perfect is the enemy of done: Along the same lines as above, I have seen many spend all their time and effort revising and redoing to achieve the perfect Object Oriented Design and at the end of the day have nothing to show for. Another quote, unfortunately don’t know where I read it, “A painting is perfect when you cannot take anything away from it” or in other words know when to stop. Although one should strive for good design, that should not be your end goal. The end goal should be ‘getting things done’.

Importance of having a testing team: Even if you have 100% coverage (I think that it is a myth). You need someone whose whole job is to break your system, there is ton of literature on the importance of an independent testing team but unfortunately I keep seeing many places where it is done very less or totally absent. Also I think it is equally important to load test the application before deploying it.

General, random thoughts

Monday Morning Blues

Man, it was an hectic weekend now I am tired my eyes are droopy and I am drinking a cup of joe to get a jump start. Can’t complain the weekend was a blast.

Anyone read Dilbert ? if you have read code complete or programming pearls you will realize that “measure twice cut once” does actually work. I think programmers are by nature intelligent. Sometimes we just get carried away by the excitement of the very first idea we get and since we are so optimistic we just keep working away at it till it is a big mess. If we could just train ourselves to be a little lazy think twice before we code it would result in great software.

Most reservations systems written in the 70s are still around, most of the big mainframes still around with old code. But new projects new code keeps dying (take Vista for example) maybe those old timers had it write, document flow chart…. before you code. The more agile we get the worse things seems to be, agile now sounds like a four letter word if you ask me. What ever the original meaning was is lost, sailed away into a black hole. Now Agile means we can do anything in whatever amount of time.

Anways enough of that.

Fork: Why did they call if that ? Not that I have anything against it, it actually sounds pretty cool. They could have called it “Create another process” CAP now that would have been lame. Good they went with Fork, but still how did they think of that name if you know leave a comment.

Brain Fork. I know brain can do more than one thing at a time, I can eat, talk and drive a stick shift at the same time 🙂 wouldn’t it be nice if we could fork a process in our brain and assign it some thing to think about hmm maybe our thread pool size for thinking is limited to one.

Ok better get to work now 😦

General, random thoughts

Random Musings

  • Started using NetBeans for ruby development after a colleague pointed it out to me, so far I am quite happy with the choice.
  • Just finished listening to Rubiverse Podcast on Zed Shaw leaving ruby it is very interesting and I would recommend you hear it, if you have read Zed’s Rails is a Ghetto rant.
  • I love VIM
  • Why is Outlook so slow and if that was not enough my workplace adds more stuff on top of it. I really hope they open up IMAP so that I can use any email client. You know what email client I really like, “Pine” and I also like gmail.
  • Not going to this year’s Rails Conference, I felt let down by last year and I just looked at the schedule for this year and I don’t think I am missing much.
  • I feel really sorry for good programmers who have become nothing more than email processors, so much talent waisted.
  • Every time you attend a meeting a small part of your soul dies compensate it with equal amount of hacking.
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RE: Software Metrics Don’t Kill Projects, Moronic Managers Kill Projects

Great article Software Metrics Don’t Kill Projects, Moronic Managers Kill Projects, couldn’t agree less. I had written about working for good managers a while ago, thinking back about it and in general about the rate of successful Software projects I can’t help but think, Does the software industry in general have a high rate of Moronic Managers ? how come the software industry has so many failed projects ?

I think part of the problem lies in the fact that most managers have a technical background, they are great programmers and their success was rewarded with a promotion. Wish there were some online program or cash course that these new budding managers could take. I know there are a lot of books that can help too. I think it should become mandatory that one has to either read or get certified before he becomes a manager.

We have a saying in India, ‘For an intelligent person, you just need to show him the direction”, he will do the rest, I think programmers in general are very intelligent they just need the right direction 🙂

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Build your own Universe ?

I have always wondered about this, what if we are just objects in a game like a strategy  game Caesar/Age of Empires/Zoo Tycoon and we are just instances of a class interacting with each other and some kid is watching us and playing for his own amusement.

Then I heard this article on NPR in this article scientist theorize that one day you will be able to build your own universe.  What if …………………….. somebody has actually done this?

Imagine this, instead of presenting your nephew with an xbox360 you give him a do-it-yourself Home Universe Kit. Open the box, plug it in and there it is a universe ready to run and amuse you. Pick a time line, setup some rules and watch it play.

We maybe just part of this kit. Come to think of it, why is it that every civilization that ever existed has the notion of God? Is that some kind of base rule that was setup? Are ghosts just memory leaks? Is sleep just a way to run Garbage Collection?

Will we ever know ? And more important , do I want to know ?