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Random Musings

  • Started using NetBeans for ruby development after a colleague pointed it out to me, so far I am quite happy with the choice.
  • Just finished listening to Rubiverse Podcast on Zed Shaw leaving ruby it is very interesting and I would recommend you hear it, if you have read Zed’s Rails is a Ghetto rant.
  • I love VIM
  • Why is Outlook so slow and if that was not enough my workplace adds more stuff on top of it. I really hope they open up IMAP so that I can use any email client. You know what email client I really like, “Pine” and I also like gmail.
  • Not going to this year’s Rails Conference, I felt let down by last year and I just looked at the schedule for this year and I don’t think I am missing much.
  • I feel really sorry for good programmers who have become nothing more than email processors, so much talent waisted.
  • Every time you attend a meeting a small part of your soul dies compensate it with equal amount of hacking.

One thought on “Random Musings

  1. I started using the Ruby-only build of Netbeans 6.0.1 and 6.1 beta on a “serious” level a couple weeks ago. I would commit to it in a heartbeat if it just wasn’t so incredibly slow. My 1st-generation MacBook Pro w/2GB RAM isn’t enough, apparently.

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