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Monday Morning Blues

Man, it was an hectic weekend now I am tired my eyes are droopy and I am drinking a cup of joe to get a jump start. Can’t complain the weekend was a blast.

Anyone read Dilbert ? if you have read code complete or programming pearls you will realize that “measure twice cut once” does actually work. I think programmers are by nature intelligent. Sometimes we just get carried away by the excitement of the very first idea we get and since we are so optimistic we just keep working away at it till it is a big mess. If we could just train ourselves to be a little lazy think twice before we code it would result in great software.

Most reservations systems written in the 70s are still around, most of the big mainframes still around with old code. But new projects new code keeps dying (take Vista for example) maybe those old timers had it write, document flow chart…. before you code. The more agile we get the worse things seems to be, agile now sounds like a four letter word if you ask me. What ever the original meaning was is lost, sailed away into a black hole. Now Agile means we can do anything in whatever amount of time.

Anways enough of that.

Fork: Why did they call if that ? Not that I have anything against it, it actually sounds pretty cool. They could have called it “Create another process” CAP now that would have been lame. Good they went with Fork, but still how did they think of that name if you know leave a comment.

Brain Fork. I know brain can do more than one thing at a time, I can eat, talk and drive a stick shift at the same time 🙂 wouldn’t it be nice if we could fork a process in our brain and assign it some thing to think about hmm maybe our thread pool size for thinking is limited to one.

Ok better get to work now 😦

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