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Build your own Universe ?

I have always wondered about this, what if we are just objects in a game like a strategy  game Caesar/Age of Empires/Zoo Tycoon and we are just instances of a class interacting with each other and some kid is watching us and playing for his own amusement.

Then I heard this article on NPR in this article scientist theorize that one day you will be able to build your own universe.  What if …………………….. somebody has actually done this?

Imagine this, instead of presenting your nephew with an xbox360 you give him a do-it-yourself Home Universe Kit. Open the box, plug it in and there it is a universe ready to run and amuse you. Pick a time line, setup some rules and watch it play.

We maybe just part of this kit. Come to think of it, why is it that every civilization that ever existed has the notion of God? Is that some kind of base rule that was setup? Are ghosts just memory leaks? Is sleep just a way to run Garbage Collection?

Will we ever know ? And more important , do I want to know ?

4 thoughts on “Build your own Universe ?

  1. Like, whatever man. Ummmm… I guess your game peice has been smoking some virtual good sh*t.

    Here’s one for you. I once heard of a creature that experienced all of time at once so that to go forward was no different than to go back and the creature wondered why we greive when someone dies, but never do so because they haven’t yet been born.

    And if that doesn’t do it for you, then if time is eternal, then isn’t it in a way circular, and how come our life determines how we’ll spend the rest of eternity, but not where our soul was before we were born, or does/did it?

    And also, what is time? Do we only experience it as having direction because of entropy and enthalpy and the chemical processes required to create memory? Is time simply a convenient construct to describe the process of metabolism? In fact, what is a process.

    if I could put time in a bottle, what kind of bottle should i use? If you left the lid off, would time go flat?

    In college I asked a respected and learned Theologean and Religous Scholar (Brother Myron Collins) these questions (except the one about the bottle). He said that he actually pondered them once, but they gave him a headache so he stopped thinking about them.

    A wise sage, no doubt.

  2. I don’t know who listens to “Five For Fighting” but on their latest CD there’s a song about a kit to build your own universe “Acme’s Build-a-world-to-be”.

    It talks about “what kind of world do you want?” and “think anything”. “History starts now.”
    For me, thinking about the kind of world I want leads to thinking about the kind of person I want to be…and I think it’s so important to think about that and to check yourself, your behavior and if what you are doing is leading you down the path of who you’d like to be.

    No matter what happens, you have to be the person you believe you should be. no matter what the consequences in life.

    Ok, not really related, but this is a random thought thread. Have a great day everyone!
    see ya

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