Conscious Recommendation Systems

We live in a world where recommendation systems are all around us examples of these : Amazon, Netflix, Dating Sites, your smart phone for that matter even your GPS is one.

What if these recommendation systems were programed to have some bit of consciousness.

Like for example Amazon could say “You have only bought high fructose drinks in the last month, do you want to take a look at our other selections”.

Or Netflix could say “Hey you have been watching tv straight for 2 hours without pausing, do you want to take a 5 min break walk around or blink your eyes”

This would probably piss off a lot of customers, but what if the Govt took the blame and wrote a law that all recommendation systems give alternative ideas that is good for the customer.


One thought on “Conscious Recommendation Systems

  1. +1 for nanny AI

    I’m writing software for the medical industry now and I think this intelligence SHOULD have a conscience. And I can say it’s very refreshing to be out of consumerism for a little bit. Machines don’t have to be the enabler.

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