Help Me!! I am hooked on Galaxy of Heroes

A couple of weeks ago I was at an office lunch and noticed a colleague of mine staring into his Mobile Phone …. with more intensity than usual I should add (cause you know everyone now stares at their screens). This of-course made me curious and thus I got introduced to this game Star Wars Galaxy of Heroes.



70K+ ratings with average of 4.5 or more which is really good. I have been playing it for some time now and it offers in app purchases so naturally I have spent about $50 already on it.

But here is the twist : I HATE IT and I HATE MYSELF FOR PLAYING IT.


The game is pretty much mindless, you keep leveling up your characters and you do that by doing battles and the battles itself have an option of auto play, so you could start a battle and you know go off get a coffee or beer depending on the time of day and come back to claim your points. It does NOTHING to improve your brain so to speak, no grand strategy… no out thinking your friends…especially when you are playing against someone that person is never involved !!

But it does do one thing effectively, it keeps my left brain’s processor running at 100% i.e it drowns out all the noise , like the fact that the best place I ever worked for got bought by a big corporate company and me and all my colleagues are in a state of limbo/despair/frustration… yeah… it does do a really good job of blocking that.

Anyways back to the game my brain’s cpu is running at 100% and is very happy cause it thinks I am accomplishing something , whoohoo I just leveled to 10 points lucky me!! In reality you have accomplished nothing but waste your precious time.

My book reading has tanked cause it is so much easier to pick this stupid game over a book and lets not even start on physical exercise that is a rabbit hole.

Ever stop to think everything in today’s world is conspiring to make you fat and dumb ? Play a game, binge watch a show and if you feel guilty watch a series of documentaries so you can pretend that you are learning something when in reality that stuff will never make it into your right brain to be ever useful.

It just feels that nowadays it takes a lot more effort to be good than it used to before, I miss the days of growing up when the TV transmission started at 5 PM. God I even miss electricity black outs…cut off all sorts of external noise and just let your right brain do its magic. Or simply read a good old fashioned book.

And finally My Ally Code for this game that I hate and hate myself for playing it is 961-748-229 hopefully I will be out of this phase soon.





One thought on “Help Me!! I am hooked on Galaxy of Heroes

  1. hehe
    I just watched a southpark episode where the Canadian devil creates the freemium gaming plan to enslave Canada and the world.

    It’s way more intense… You wont even know you have aged a full year by the time you have your tune to 95. I hear Ryft is even better.

    Let’s raid broh!

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