JavaOne Day1 Highlights

  • The coolest thing I saw today was sentilla , I have been looking for something like this for so long and add Phidgets to it and the possibilities are limitless.
  • Sun wants to JavaFX on every device that runs Java from Mobile to BlueRay some of the demos crashed but it does look cool check it out here, I was not too impressed with the Key note I felt last year’s was much better.
  • Fortress a new language from Sun, Motto is Fortress should do to Fortran what Java did to C. Uses some functional programming paradigms written to run on top of the JVM still in very early stages, I seriously doubt if this will take off syntax was weird who well it will inter operate with other Java Libraries is still to be seen.
  • More Effective Java was awesome !! I am definitely going to get the new edition, revised and a lot of stuff rewritten.
  • You can get a free edition from MapQuest to develop your own MashUps and do cool stuff.
  • Cacheonix is a new Cache Product Find a bug and get a free License!!
  • To get GeoSpatial information on Wifi devices Sky hook was recommended to me.
  • Use or DeCarta to do maps and mashups instead of using from google and friends since there are no restrictions and will always be free and will never add Ads.
  • Intel is collaborating with Java to make the JVM highly optimized on Intel architecture out of the box. Link
  • Fork/Join and JSR 166 for all the new concurrency features in 1.7


  • They ran out of Veggi food !! and then they ran out of place to sit and eat !!
  • Some Speaker blasted through the sessions and since they do not give out hand outs like the NFJS guys it is hard to follow.
  • The download link for the presentations is broken!!

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3 thoughts on “JavaOne Day1 Highlights

  1. I should add that Sun did a much better job laying out the Pavilion floor this year. Vendor had more space and the floor plan was much more convenient for the Java crowd.


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