Upgrading To Snow Leopard, What a pain!!

Man what a pain, the actual upgrade was very smooth but then my mac ports broke followed by sqlite, mercurial ……

  • First thing you will run into is MacPorts are broken. To fix it is download it again and reinstall (apparently each version of MacPorts is very specific to the OS) and after you do that, un-install  and res-install all your ports, this will get apps that will work with Snow Leopard (the 64 bit version). Here’s what I do not understand when Ubuntu can maintain apt-get why can’t Apple maintain mac ports and make it easy for developers ?
  • Anyway moving on, if you had Mercurial installed from MacPorts, you can forget about it (Since mercurial is dependent on python26 which is at present broken with MacPorts. Workaround is, just download the mac version of mercurial for mercurial’s website and install.
  • Reinstall sqlite3.
  • If you had installed Ruby and Gems manually  then you will have to re-do it again here are the links to do that reinstall ruby, reinstall gems this will setup the 64 bit version of ruby.

Great, now back to some productive work @#$@!$%@

Keywords uninitialized constant SQLite3::Driver::Native::Driver::API,  python26,