Not impressed with Lion

Been using OS X Lion @ home for a couple of weeks and I am not impressed. Tiger (which I use for work) feels clean and light gets out of your way almost like a waiter that keeps your glass full without you ever noticing.

Lion on the other hand feels like a needy high maintenance girlfriend that tries to grab your attention all the time. Really do I need my emails thrown on a pile ? Why do I need a grey background for my email to show a thread (good thing I have a 17 inch screen). And why does my calendar have to look like an old leather binder ? With a look of torn pages on top ? Why does my $2000 mac be reduced to look like this ? And the pop up dialog boxes feel like they are going to fly off the screen and hit me in the face. Feels more clunky and resource intensive. And come on why does my terminal have a busy icon on the top ? What the heck is it doing ? I am not even typing anything. By the way Apple there is something called oh I don’t know ‘history’ in the shell that tells me what I did before I don’t need you to remember and show it to me every time I reopen a terminal.

You know what this reminds me off ? The transition from Win ’98 to XP, oh Snap!

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