# of lines of code in your project

As I wait for the build I wrote up this post, has absolutely no point, just an observation. At present the code base that I work with everyday has :

1030467 lines of Java
641411      lines of Xml
224530     lines of Jsp
58950       lines of plain text
102751     lines in property files
2246         lines of groovy
1353693  lines of SQL (schema files, dml, ddl….)

90    Projects
7186 Java files
2547 SQL files

How many does yours ?
Its easy, run this find . -name ‘*.java’ | xargs wc -l | grep total | sed ‘s/total//g’

One thought on “# of lines of code in your project

  1. You have 1,000,000 more lines of Java than you need and 400,000 lines of Groovy less than you need. 🙂

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