Either you get it or you don’t, I checked twitter to see if I was the only one, I guess not!

Dan Leslie dleslie Wow, #Perforce manage to take down my entire session. Have I mentioned before how much I /love/ this software?

Dan Leslie dleslie I hate it how that little red-X button in #Perforce /DOES NOTHING/. What’s the point of providing an interrupt function that doesn’t work?

Jerry Chen jcsalterego @mojombo @luckiestmonkey perforce strikes again!!

Shaun Newman SDN_Photography Gaaaaaaaaa! Perforce I hate you! #BloodyUselessCodeRepositoryTool!

Joshua Gosse jlgosse I don’t think Perforce could be any more complicated

CFV gadorcha Fuck perforce. Kill it with fire

aidy lewis aidy_lewis Using #Perforce is like sticking your head in cow pooh.

Artem Skvira art_s Wasting my life on manually merging stuff from Perforce repository with local copy. Creators of Perforce must burn in hell. Lots of hate.

靜毅 Jing_Yi c’mon perforce! you fucking pig.

Zachary TimeDoctor Have I mentioned lately how much perforce

Marmot-headshot_normal geek: For the love of all that’s decent and good, how do I remove the Perforce context menu item from the Windows shell. I hate when VCS’ do that.

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Follow Jing_Yi : Perforce makes really shitty use of the network.
polarapfel #Intellij #Idea + #Perforce = #FAIL. Perforce integration in Idea killed my Idea 5 times so far today.
Robert MacCloy My loathing for Perforce grows daily.
polarapfel Giving up on #Perforce in #Intellij #Idea. Disabled Perforce in my project to get rid of Perforce background process hogging 100% CPU
Ryan Evans Ah Perforce, every day you find a new way to kick me in the nuts
Can someone tell me why Perforce exists? Ok Ok, maybe it was pimp back in the day but what’s your excuse now? too lazy to switch?
export P4PORT=host:port – hey, that makes perfect sense. Very intuitive. Good job, @perforce.
Ok feels better now, back to hacking.

One thought on “#IhatePerforce

  1. Wow, I’m not alone in hating perforce. I haven’t sworn this much in the last few years as I have today and yesterday trying to work with perforce. I hate it, and I don’t know why our company chose to use it.

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