Language wars are the new IDE wars

(I feel really sorry for Managers, every programmer has his/her favorite programming language and is trying to sneak it into the system. And you know what, it is already in your code base, sorry but that’s the truth and whatever side you take, you will end up loosing. )

I think people used to have IDE wars cause they only had one primary language to work with, but now with the explosion of languages and almost all of them having some port that runs on the JVM everyone is either trying to sneak it in or advertise the virtues of using it. And that ultimately results in a passionate email war.

And of course if you have, somehow magically gotten past that there is always the discussion on the best IDE for that language, hehehe let the wars continue.

One thought on “Language wars are the new IDE wars

  1. And worse, the language wars are potentially a lot worse for the company because code written in different languages is not easy to refactor into the code written in the company’s primary language, and there will always be subtle issues integrating a domain model and toolset that takes into account the features of the primary language that may not be available or as good a fit in the new language.

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