Pragmatic Thinking & Learning

Tell me something
  • Have you ever felt that you have reached a plateau in your career ?
  • Read the pragmatic programmer and couldn’t get enough of it ? or wanted a follow up to it ?
  • Felt stuck ? Reached a stalemate ?
  • Had great many plans but never really completed them ?
  • Knew there is something better but did not know how to reach it ?
  • Wanted to get better, just did not know how to ?

Well I can with 100 % confidence tell you the answer to all these questions and more is reading the book ‘Pragmatic Thinking & Learning : Refactor your Wetware‘ -by Andy Hunt .

In this book Andy shows us

  • Why the brain works as it does?
  • How to move beyond beginner level performance to expertise ?
  • What are our cognitive biases or bugs in our brain and how to overcome them?
  • How to learn deliberately ? (learning that sticks).
  • How to harvest your ideas and insight ?
  • How to stay sharp and why is it important ?
  • and so much more.

As I was reading the book I could already see changes in me and my performance (not that kind). I can honestly tell you this book has helped me.

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