OMG I am an Introvert !!

Oh My God, after 32 years I have finally realized that I am an Introvert !!

I read this recent post “Caring for Your Introvert” (only cause it appeared on Hacker News) and found so many things familiar, which lead me to question, am I an introvert ?

So as anyone would do I went to Google (the source of all answers) and found many articles and one of them was “Being an Introvert”  and this self assessment, I got 23 out of 30  so atleast I am not a total Introvert.

I invite everyone to take the above assessment, and figure out what orientation you are.

3 thoughts on “OMG I am an Introvert !!

  1. i don’t agree with such assessment tests…in fact if i said i hated them, it won’t be an overstatement…these tests are so generalized that they can’t really tell anything about you and some of the questions in this particular test don’t even make sense from being an introvert or an extrovert point of view…

  2. I am an introvert also! I did not realize it for several of my adult years…..I know I enjoyed working in a darkroom (photo lab) alot more that most of my fellow workers. I rather enjoy being an introvert. I do confess I do get a little lonely from time to time.
    Thanks, for allowing me to post!

  3. i just got into a fight with my mom becuase i didnt want to visit my aunt she told me i’m an Introvert and went out i had to go eventually but i dont understand no matter how many times i tell her i’d rather stay at my room than go out she still asks me where are u going today and when i say no where she just stares at me
    i know something is diffrent in me so i searched online to find out and it appears that i am Introvert i dont hate people but i’d rather be alone
    i just wish she could understand that i cant control it

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