JavaOne Thursday & Friday Highlights

  • Probably the best session I have attended so far is the JavaPossie BOF, for those of you who don’t know what the JavaPossie is it is a podcast which is centered around java and I highly recommend it. I was very happy to finally see the show done in person.
  • The day started off with a general session from Intel, like AMD, Intel too is working with Sun to optimize the JVM for there platform so with newer versions of the JVM it should work faster straight out of the box, without you having to do anything !! hey that’s the sort of performance improvement that I like 😉 they claim a performance improvement of about 60% on existing hardware just using a newer VM.
  • Check out , it is an Intel sponsored open source project. Also the atom processor, which is Intel’s smallest chip.
  • The Garbage-First Garbage Collector or G1 for short is the next-generation low-pause garbage collector that will be included in the Java HotSpot virtual machine. G1 will be the long-term replacement for the Concurrent Mark-Sweep (or CMS) garbage collector, Sun’s current low-pause garbage collector ( Presentation )
  • Scalable Non Blocking Data Structure, was presented by Dr. Cliff and all the code can be found on Source Forge the code is based on Lock Free algorithms. (Presentation)
  • Performance talk, basically any component in your system can become a bottle neck from Disk IO, DB etc. best approach it to address one issue at a time.
  • Pluse Live Scribe, was just too cool, it is a pen that runs Java.
  • Call of the Kings, game done in Java.
  • JMonkey a J2ee for games.
  • Esper for complex event processing.


  • To Sun: I came to JavaOne to improve myself and learn not for attending concerts, it would have been better if you spent the money on food. I was fed up of eating the same darn thing every single day !!
  • Coffee only available in the morning !!!!!!!!!
  • Half of the workstations disappeared on Friday

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