Rails Conferance 2007 Tutorial Day

Rails Conf 2007 Today was tutorial day at the Rails conference 2007, I attended two tutorials one was on ‘Prototype and Scripaculous‘ given by Thomas Fuchs and the other was on ‘Rails Routing’ given by David A. Black.

Tim Shadel of graciously setup a CampFire account for all of us to chat/discuss about each session, see here for more info on how to access these transcripts, Thanks Tim !!

In the Prototype and Scripaculous talk , Thomas talked about the history of these libraries and some of there present and upcoming features, it was interesting to know that these libraries have been extracted from real world applications. He also talked about some common pitfalls when using JavaScript.

The Routing talk was about, well Rails routing, how Rails routes incoming request to controllers and actions and also how it generates URLs there was also talk about Named Routes and Restfull Routing.

Evening we went to China Town for dinner, I live in Phoenix and this is my first visit to Portland I must say there are a lot of homeless people in Portland.

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