Why do we need an SCM ?

So I have so far worked in four different IT shops of various sizes and noticed in all of these shops, the person who ends up merging code is a Senior Developer/Tech Lead and in most cases the SCM and the senior developer are the same. This senior developer merges all the changes gets with the developers if he has questions, builds and check in the code (Even if there is another designated SCM).

This reminds me of a place I used to work, where the most brilliant Senior Developer who should have been doing other things like designing and coding was spending most of his time merging code cause the SCM was too dumb to read the SVN book.

I also notice that the senior developer is the guy who sets up Cruise Control/Hudson and then hands it over to the SCM (i.e if there is one).

So here is my question “Why do we need an SCM” position when the senior developer is doing all the work ?

Now if you are using Clear Case I totally understand and feel sorry for you.

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