Too Many Properties: Is there such a thing?

One of the batch applications that we have uses a properties file for getting configuration parameters. This file which started so innocently with just a couple of properties, like the throttle, the logging level and so on, through the years (4 to be precise) has now grown into 30 + rules gigantic file.  Which leads me to ask, Too Many Properties: Is there such a thing?


Part of the problem is it is so easy to add something to it, there is already a piece of code that handles all the reading and loading of the properties checks to see if everything is set, so when someone has to add a new configuration like where the bindings files is or what is the name of a queue is, it is so easy to add to the already present file.


At what point do you start using a table in the database, 50? 100?  Or like the question How many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie roll? will never know ?

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