Erlang Blues I

So yesterday I had this bright idea to connect to MySql using Erlang, so in order to do this there seems to be two options one is to use a native interface completely written in Erlang or use ODBC . So I tried to use the native interface first. There seems to be no documentation […]


How does Erlang Fare ?

Don Stewart recently wrote a blog comparing the time it took to compute Fibonacci numbers in Ruby, Python and Haskell, according to his results Haskell blew away the competition. Here are HIS results Ruby (1.8.5) 64.26s Python (2.4) 25.16s Haskell (GHC 6.8) 0.48s Parallel Haskell (GHC 6.8) 0.42s Since I am learning Erlang I wanted […]


YAY ! Java Erlang

Now that I got OtpErlang.jar (see my previous post), my next step was to connect Java to Erlang, if you have been following the book, you would have come across the Name server example in Chapter 10, this java code will connect to the name server static void store(OtpConnection connection) throws Exception { OtpErlangObject[] elements […]


YAY I finally got OtpErlang.jar

It’s the small things in life that make you happy !! As you know I have Ubuntu 7.10 and I installed erlang using ‘apt-get install erlang’. Unfortunately this style will not install Jinterface libraries. So the only way we can get it is by actually downloading the erlang source and building it yourself. Download the […]


Loving Clojure

I seem to be liking Clojure … Let me backup a bit, in the last couple of weeks I have been debating between picking up Scala or Clojure (don’t get me wrong Ruby is still my favorite). I always wanted to pick up a functional programming language so I dabbled a bit with Erlang and […]


I am becoming a total nerd

Ok it is Saturday and as usual I am reading my feeds and I come across this article Style or Function canI please have both  and immediately my thoughts ran to hmm maybe he is talking about how Ruby language  has beautiful  syntax, and erlang is really great at extracting every bit of performance from […]

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Busy Busy Busy

It has been two months since I touched my blog, I apologize for that its been really busy. First there was the trip to India which was really nice, it seems like every time I go to India the traffic on the streets have increased. With the exponential increase in the number of banks that […]