Denormalizing One million records with Clojure.

MovieLens is a research project that provides datasets of various sizes and attributes, containing movie ratings. These datasets are free to download and use for non-commercial purposes. They have done an awesome job putting this data together and a big thanks goes to them for making it available. I wanted to exercise my Clojure skills […]


Redis and Clojure

Check out my previous post about Redis. In this post I build a very simple example of using Redis with Clojure. I will be using a client library for Redis written in Clojure called redis-clojure. You could also use the java library, to see complete list of supported languages go to this link. So here […]

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Clojure, JDBC and using Dates.

I did not find many examples of using dates with Clojure/JDBC, after some initial struggle I got an example working. So here it is, hopefully it helps someone. By the way this page is a good source if you are interested in Clojure/JDBC. Source File Test file The interesting parts are the find-by-date function in […]


Loving Clojure

I seem to be liking Clojure … Let me backup a bit, in the last couple of weeks I have been debating between picking up Scala or Clojure (don’t get me wrong Ruby is still my favorite). I always wanted to pick up a functional programming language so I dabbled a bit with Erlang and […]


I am a emacs newbie, I have created this page to document *stuff* about emacs that will help other newbies like me. If you found this page useful please leave a note. My Emacs Cheat Sheet My init.el file M stands for Meta, this is the Alt Key. C stands for Control key. Install For […]


Nice Presentation on F#

If you are studying Clojure or for that matter Scala or any other functional programming language I highly recommend that you check out this presentation “Introduction to Microsoft F#” You can follow along and try out his examples in your own language, the talk is funny with a lots of information that could apply to […]